Group Bookings

Whether travelling with a big group of friends, planning a school trip or wanting to explore Lisbon with your co-workers, we are happy to welcome you and help you arrange your trip to Lisbon. When booking and travelling with 9 or more people, please fill out our group contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our best price and more information. Please note that should we receive a booking for a group not done through the group's department, we reserve the right to cancel those reservations.

You'll receive an email by the Groups Department in the following 48 hours of the week.

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Group Terms & Conditions

As the groups are really important to us, we feel that we should have full information and be aware that groups have special prices as well as special policies.


1) It's considered a group if it has 9 or more people;
2) Check-in is at 15h;
3) Check-out is until 11h; 
4) We have a luggage room that you can use in case you need somewhere safe to put your bags until the end of the day. However we can not guarantee that there will be enough space for everyone;
5) During check-in, the leader of the group have to sign up as the person responsible for the group and leave an emergency contact. On that same document it will be present the terms & conditions. 
6) Breakfast will be served from 8h to 10:30h;
7) In case you requested dinner, it will be served, from Monday until Thursday, at 20h. In case the group requested our BBQ (in Alfama – every Friday/ at Sunset – every Saturday) or our Portuguese Dinner (at Lisbon – every Sunday), it will be served at 20:30h; 
8) We ask every guest to keep the noise to a minimum after 22h, on the corridors and bedrooms; 
9) In case there's something you dislike while staying with us, please let us know during your stay; 
10) In case someone from the group disrespects the rules, staff members or guests, immediate action will be asked from the  person responsible for the group, and in case that doesn't work, the group will have to leave the hostel with no right to a refund of the accommodation nor the deposit money.


1) Before we accept the group, is really important for us to know the age and purpose of the visit.
2) The reservation is confirmed by email with your agreement reply, which is your agreement also for the following terms and conditions.
3) The group bookings have a minimum of 2-night stay.
4) In July, August and during Easter we don't accept group bookings in any of the 3 hostels.
5) Groups under age 12 are not accepted.
6) Sport fans groups, sports groups (depends on the sport), bachelorette parties, stag parties among some others are not welcome (exceptions can be made under negotiation).
7) Student groups need to come with teachers, who will be held responsible for group all the time.


1) We require 20% in advance within 5 days from the date of your confirmation email. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled. The 20% are non-refundable.
The details for the invoice should be provided at this stage so we can make your invoice.
2) 30 days before the check-in date is required to pay the total or the rest of the amount left. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled (exceptions can happen with common agreement).
3) In case of a reservation within less than 30 days from the date of arrival we require the payment of the total amount of the reservation in 5 days.
4) 1st payment as well as 2nd or total amount of the reservation has to be done by bank transfer to this account:
Swift code CGDIPTPL
IBAN   PT 50003506700003515713075 (Sunset)
IBAN  PT 50003503550003452503094 (Lisbon)
IBAN   PT 50003503550003422863095 (Alfama)
IBAN   PT50 003506700003566113014  (Arrifana)
Caixa Geral Depósitos -  Lisboa  -  Portugal
5) Copy of proof of bank transfer should be emailed to us with the details should be stated the name of the group (same on reservation excel budget).


1) The reservation will be cancelled in case the group doesn't provide the bank transfer receipt by email, within 5 days from the confirmation email.
2) Until 30 days prior to arrival, cancellations are refunded in %, according to the fare applied (detailed in the attached table)
3) Changes in bookings (dates, number persons and type of rooms are depending on availability) are charged according to the fare.
4) Anyone not coming is considered to be cancellation of that bed


1) At check-in any guest need to provide a valid Passport or I.D. (just for U.E. Citizen).
2) At the check-in the group needs to select a person in charge of all the relationship with the management or reception
3) Every guest is personally responsible for broken thinks inside the hostel.
4) For groups we ask for a 20 €/person deposit for the key and for the case that anything is broken or missing during the stay. The amount is only refunded after checking every room. This amount is supposed to be collected and returned to the group responsible.
5) If the group doesn't follow the internal rules or behaves incorrectly towards other guests or workers, can be expelled without the right to refund.
6) It is given to choose the best fare for the group and it is important to be aware of the fare restrictions and exclusions
7) Groups have room only for themselves and have to pay the entire room
Please note that a city tax of EUR 1 per person/night will be charged and is not included in the total price and should be paid in the check-in. This tax is charged to guests aged 13 and older. It is subject to a maximum amount of EUR 7 per guest.
We are a cool hostel with lots of activities, but we do not want to be branded a party hostel, since we are also a place for a good night's sleep.
We know the rules might seem extensive, but is always better to be transparent and upfront about this things. 98% of cases is all good, but we like to prevent those rare 2%.